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ZonesFor an intelligent solution that provides greater energy efficiency potential for your air conditioning system with increased control and comfort in your Gold Coast and SE Queensland Region home, consider a home zoning solution from the team at Fallon Air Conditioning. You can read some of our testimonials here and about our service-level guarantee here.

Discover how you could benefit from a Fallon Air Conditioning home zoning solution for your air conditioning system:

1. Reduce Electricity Bills

ServiceA home zoning upgrade has the potential to make a real difference on your energy costs, allowing you to control where and when the system operates within your home.

By dividing your home into areas or “zones” you're able to set varying temperatures in each zone or turn off zones completely when not in use. This means you can now save on your energy costs by only cooling the areas being used instead of having to blanket cool the whole house.

2. Increased Control and Comfort

With a home zoning air conditioning set-up you can set temperatures in different areas to your own personal comfort levels.

3. Home Zoning Options

The zoning solution for your home depends on if you have a ducted system or not.  For a ducted system your ducts can be set into zones so that the air handler can send the cool air to the ducts of your choosing.   For a split system, a multi-head system can work off a single compressor.

4. Expert Design and Installation

Fallon Air Conditioning's experts can help you get the most out of your home zoning upgrade by providing expert design and installation services, and ensuring the perfect number of zones.

5. Professional Technicians and Trusted for Over 60 Years

At Fallon Air Conditioning you can be sure of qualified and experienced professionals for all your air conditioning needs plus the confidence that comes with choosing a company already trusted in thousands of homes for over 60 years.

For expert installations, service and enquiries on a home zoning solution for your home in the Gold Coast and SE Queensland Region, call and speak with the home zoning experts at Fallon Air Conditioning today.

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