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ServicingTo help reduce the running costs of your air conditioner and help keep your system running when you need it most, speak with the specialists at Fallon Air Conditioning about the advantages of a regular air conditioner tune-up service.

Discover how you could benefit from a Fallon Air Conditioning tune up on your system:

1. Comprehensive Tune Up Service

Reduce the risk of an avoidable breakdown with our comprehensive tune up service which includes checking all parts are operating efficiently; cleaning and (if necessary) replacing air filters; lubricating moving parts; checking air flow as well ensuring all parts are functioning safely and efficiently.

2. Keep Your Running Costs Down

It's no secret that all machines benefit from regular maintenance. A well maintained air conditioner runs more efficiently compared to unmaintained systems, and with a regular tune up from Fallon Air Conditioning, you'll continue to maximise your potential savings, whilst enjoying reliable air conditioning.

3. Year-Round Reliability For Your Cooling and Heating

An annual service can help keep your system working when you need it most, and in the most extreme temperatures.

4. Convenient

We can arrange your tune-up for a time that works best for you for your total convenience.

For your air-conditioner tune-up needs in the Gold Coast and SE Queensland Region, call and speak with the helpful and friendly team at Fallon Air Conditioning today.

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